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Rustic oak, chunky bedroom range


3ft Bed

L2180 x W1020 x
H780 (Footboard)
H1350 (Headboard)

4ft Bed

L2180 x W1340 x

H780 (Footboard) H1350 (Headboard)

4ft 6 (Double) Bed

L2180 x W1480 x

H780 (Footboard) H1350 (Headboard)

5ft (Kingsize) Bed

L2280 x W1630 x

H780 (Footboard) H1350 (Headboard)

6ft (Superking) Bed

L2280 x W1930 x

H780 (Footboard) H1350 (Headboard)


Blanket Box 

W1100 x D450 x H500

7 Drawer Chest

W1100 x D400 x H1170

9 Drawer Chest

W1500 x D400 x H820

Dressing Table

W1380 x D470 x H740

Bedside Locker

W560 X D400 x H705

Dressing Table Mirror

W660 x D80 x H630

Wall Mirror

W1100 X D40 X H800

Dressing Table Stool

W400 x D420 x H500

2 Door Wardrobe

W1000 x D630 x H1900

3 Door Wardrobe

W1400 x D630 x H1900

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